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Welcome to Caffe MACCHIATO's Café / Restaurant

Caffe MACCHIATO have build an enviable reputation in Aldershot for style, atmosphere and charisma but most importantly, for keeping customers happy and coming back for more. Relaxing, meeting friends or planning a celebration, Caffe MACCHIATO unique combination of service and quality food & drink will make every visit very memorable.


About us

Caffe MACCHIATO - family business

...unique and wonderfully diverse

Jakub founded Caffe MACCHIATO in 2004, opening his dream café in Aldershot. His vision was to create great natural food and give Aldershot something that was real experience. This vision still remains true today...

The beginning

Jakub (founder) have spent over eight years working as a chef in London’s Italian restaurants where he gained his extensive experience as a chef. Then the time has come to open his own business. After a year of research he managed to find the perfect place in Aldershot – in 2004 Caffe MACCHIATO was born. Start was slow but constantly upward and finally was noticed within customers and town’s community. Now business is well established end well liked, recognized by the public


Caffe MACCHIATO is Jakub’s “baby” - and he takes a lot of care and attention to make sure everything is flawless. Customers’ expectations must be always exceeded and he constantly excels café’s environment. Friendly & experienced MACCHIATO’S staff share Jakub’s vision and they tend to stay at the caffe for number of years – staff rotation is very low.

All the ingredients are very fresh and are picked up at the local market (at ridiculously early hours of the morning). All the fruits and vegetables are touched, picked up by hand to make sure that they are just ripped. Other suppliers have been carefully selected and a good relation has grown between us. Still all the products / ingredients are being checked and monitored to deliver the best standards.

MACCHIATO is surrounded using iconic oil paintings by a new artist Emilia. Her exhibition is being constantly updated by new work – worth a viewing.

Our Values & Services

Attention to detail and taste...

... is in everything we do at Caffe MACCHIATO, from the food displays that showcase the quality and freshness of the ingredients, to the store, which are individually designed to make them an integral part of their neighborhoods. We train our teams to notice those little things which make the big difference!

Our coffee has gained a large following across Aldershot and our baristas are relentlessly trained to achieve the special milk texture which has become MACCHIATO’s signature..


We individually handpick the ingredients at earliest hours of the morning at fruit & veg markets and we are being very selective with our other suppliers for our food to preserve authentic flavours and ensure the best quality. We make as much as possible in our kitchens and believe in letting the raw ingredients speak for themselves.

At the heart of MACCHIATO’s values is our customers' experience. With attentive service, excellent food and drink, and great ambience, we strive to give our customers a memorable experience which will nourish their body and soul for the rest of the day.

We are looking forward to see you soon,

Jakub & Caffe MACCHIATO Team

Reservations 01252 344 274 Caffe MACCHIATO, 7 Union Street,
Aldershot GU11 1EG - Hampshire
Mon-Sat: 8:30-18:00, Sun: Closed